Matrix Website
Matrix is a well established niche brand that specializes in premium commercial equipment
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Matrix Website Development
We developed a design concept that centers around the idea of making the buying experience as smooth as possible.
Our team performed a full range of works to create Matrix's website. The home page was divided into two logical parts: equipment for at-home use and fitness club equipment. It allows customers to quickly navigate the site and easily find a machine they need.

We also made the layout adaptive so it displays correctly on all devices. In the process of development we took user feedback into account and considered the experience of other fitness equipment online stores, both positive and negative.
Matrix Fitness brand specializes in the production of weight lifting and cardio machines as well as functional complexes for group workouts. Since its foundation in 2001, Matrix has become a well established brand in the premium commercial equipment niche.

The machines produced by Matrix are valued for their smart features, innovative solutions and high quality materials, while the company itself has gained a reputation for great attention to detail and careful consideration of customer feedback. Client suggestions and feedback is exactly what played a key role in the development of Matrix cardio machines for the home.