Goldgym Website Development
Goldgym sells premium professional and home fitness equipment.
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Goldgym Website Development
In addition to their offline stores, the company wanted an updated website for their online shop.
We developed a new design concept with improved navigation through different equipment sections, a neat layout and a simplified training machine search. Product cards are now more modern looking.

The home page was divided into two categories: it is now possible to search for a machine not only by the type of sports equipment for also by its brand.
Goldgym sells premium professional and home fitness equipment in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

Their catalog includes cardio machines, multistations, weight lifting equipment and machines for functional training from the world's largest brands such as Cybex, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, and Matrix. Goldgym provides machine test drive services as well as advices from professional athletes and fitness consultants that help customers choose the right equipment.